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Ashburton Museum has limited stock of books and booklets about local history.


book1 Book - A Nurse at War

The Mount Somers Tramway,

1887 1943

200 pages telling the story of the narrow gauge railway built to extract the mineral wealth of the Ashburton Gorge.

$45 + $10 post in NZ

A Nurse at War, Emily Peter,


Mid Canterbury nurse who served in the South African Boer War, and Egypt and Serbia during WWI.

$45 + $10 post in NZ


Ashburton history

  • Early Days in the Ashburton County, by Alex Hewson, originally published in 1918 and now republished by Ashburton Museum. Contains much information about 19th Century Mid Canterbury unable to be found elsewhere. $15 plus $5 postage in NZ
  • Hinds and Surrounding Areas. The history of the Hinds District, large format, hard cover, 320 pages covering every aspect of the history of this important rural township. $25 plus $8 postage in NZ
  • Liquid Gold, a 125 page history of irrigation in Mid Canterbury by Brian Cameron. The author is a pioneer of spray irrigation in New Zealand and well qualified to write on this topic. $25 plus $6 postage in NZ
  • Tradewhere - 320 page book by Ashburton researcher Viv Hanson details the location of all businesses in central Ashburton, 1878 to 1910. Also includes a short history of many businesses. $40 plus $10 postage in NZ.

War and post-war history

  • From the Other End of the World. Memories of post-war immigrants to New Zealand from Great Britain, edited by R.K. Dean. 216 pages of stories and photographs. $20 plus $7 postage within New Zealand.
  • Jessie Jenkin's Diary,Written for younger people, this little book tells of the hardships faced by early settlers travelling by ship to New Zealand in the 1840s. Written by Kathryn Rountree it describes the voyage of the Lord Auckland in the words of a 13-year-old girl. $7.50
  • Zealandia's Brave; The Royal Humane Societies in New Zealand 1850-1998. This large format 641 page hard cover book is excellent value at just $50. It tells the story of all the cases that have resulted in the award of a Royal Humane Society medal in New Zealand over almost 150 years. $50 - postage price on request.

Museums and characters

  • Woodwork, My First 70 Years by Ashburton Wood Worker Bob Lynn, hard cover, A4 format, 120 pages packed full of information about the author's life as a carpenter, joiner, wood turner, carver and collector of wood working equipment. $30 plus $10 post in NZ
  • Nursery Rhymes Mother Never Told You - Garrick Tremain's hilarious verses and drawings about animals real and not so real. $20 plus $5 post in NZ
  • Museums to Visit in New Zealand, More than 150 outstanding museums open to the public throughout New Zealand, 175 pages, contains contact details, opening hours, description of collection and photos. $25 + $5 post in NZ

Clubs, churches, societies and histories

  • Early Days in the Ashburton County by Alex Hewson, $15
  • Clear Horizons, History of Lowcliffe and Coldstream, $20
  • Ashburton, Granary of New Zealand, 1950, $15
  • Methven Choral Society Golden Jubilee 1943-1993 $28
  • Greenstreet Church 1893-1993, $25

$5 each plus $5 post in NZ:

  • A Book of Quotations 1978 and Newspaper Articles, 1878
  • A Brief History of Holy Name Parish Ashburton
  • A Brief History of the Rakaia Presbyterian Parish
  • Allenton School 75th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Allenton School Golden Jubilee
  • Ashburton Borough School 125th Jubilee 1872-1997
  • Ashburton Borough School Centennial
  • Ashburton Club & MSA Centennial History 1885-1985
  • Ashburton County Centennial Vintage Machinery Rally 1976
  • Ashburton County Council Centennial 1876-1976
  • Ashburton County Jubilee 1877-1927
  • Ashburton Borough School 75th Anniversary
  • Borough of Ashburton 75th Anniversary 1878-1953
  • Carew School Centennial
  • Eiffelton School Centennial 1890-1990
  • Elected to Office - Women of Mid-Canterbury
  • Fields Rich & Fair - the Ashburton South Presbyterian Parish Centennial
  • Hampstead School 80th Anniversary 1966
  • Hampstead School Diamond Jubilee 1946
  • Holy Spirit Parish Tinwald Jubilee 1965-1990
  • Lyndhurst Hall 75th Jubilee
  • Lyndhurst School 90th Anniversary
  • Mayfield Golf Club 1933-1983
  • Methven Rugby 100 Years
  • Methven Schools Centennial Celebrations
  • Mid Canterbury Federation of Country Women's Institutes 1935-1970
  • St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Centennial Souvenir
  • St Paul's Presbyterian Parish 50th Jubilee
  • The First Century - Ashburton County Cricket Association 1896-1996
  • The Warm Wind of Faith - Holy Name Parish Ashburton
  • Thistle Lodge Centennary 1878 -1978
  • W.H. Collins & Co Ltd - 100 Years
  • Willowby School Centennial 1876-1976

$10 each plus $5 post in NZ:

  • Allenton School Centennial 1897-1997
  • Ashburton Borough - the Final Fifty Years
  • Ashburton Borough Centennary 1878-1978
  • Ashburton County Council Jubilee 1877-1927
  • Ashburton High School Centennial 1981
  • Ashburton Technical School, an Historical Survey 1912-1962
  • Ashburton Trotting Club 1890-1993
  • Celebrating 100 Years of Education in the Carew District
  • Church of St Ita, Hinds, 1911-2005
  • Hakatere College Magazines 1963 & 1964
  • Hampstead School 125th Jubilee 2011
  • Hinds Rugby Football Club 75th Jubilee 1922-1997
  • Hinds School 125th Jubilee
  • One Hundred Years of Worship, St Luke's Church, Hinds, 1908-1998
  • Order of St John 100 Years in Ashburton
  • Rakaia Ladies Hockey Club 1900-2000
  • Ruapuna
  • Samuel Butler at Mesopotamia
  • St Stephen's Anglican Parish 1950-1990
  • The Ashburtonian - Assorted Ashburton High School magazines
  • Tinwald School 125th Anniversary
  • Water Put to Work - the story of irrigation in Mid Canterbury


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